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Garden edging

Our One Mix Mortar provides the best consistency for all block and brick projects, with a smooth, workable formula that is easy to apply and shape. When laying bricks or blocks, simply add water to our OneMix Mortar and you have a ready-to-use mix that glides onto brick edges and shapes to your design, whilst excess mix can be easily removed with a trowel and re-used to avoid wastage.

Why you need this product:

  • Provides a smooth, workable consistency for easy application
  • Moldable formula that shapes to your design
  • Less mess and wastage of product
  • Made from a consistent blend of high quality cement and sand
  • Compressive strength of 25MPa* when fully cured


Available in:

  • 20kg or 30kg bags


20kg will lay approximately 25 common house bricks with a 10mm joint.


* MPa is the metric unit for pressure or stress called megapascal (MPa). The term is used in concrete as the common unit for compressive strength.


How to build garden edging using OneMix Mortar

OneMix presents an easy, step-by-step guide on how to use OneMix Mortar to build up a garden edge.

Thank you to Adbri Masonry for supplying the blocks.