HS-60 Concrete

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OneMix High Strength 60

OneMix High Strength 60 Concrete (HS-60) is a ready to use proportioned blend of cement, aggregate and sand. It is suitable for applications where a higher strength, quality concrete is required. As a result, HS-60 well suited for smaller concreting jobs such as driveways, slabs and footings. OneMix HS-60 Concrete is also suitable for securing posts and uprights in the ground where higher strengths are necessary.

OneMix is manufactured in Australia in a state of the art production facility using the latest weighing, mixing and packaging technology.

Why you need this product:

  • –  Compressive Strength of 60MPa* when fully cured
  • –  Suitable for concrete applications where a higher strength is necessary
  • –  Long-lasting durability for wear and tear
  • –  Ready-made blend of high quality cement, aggregate and sand –simply mix with water
  • Benefits of OneMix’s Weatherproof Packaging:

  • –  OneMix bags can be stored outside, unopened, in all seasons
  • –  The packaging can prevent leakage of product and any excess dust
  • –  Provides improved shock and tear resistance, which can reducing wasted product

Product Availability

  • 20kg bags
  • 20kg product now comes standard at 48 bags per pallet (0.96 tonnes).
  • Custom pallet sizes are available where required. Please contact the OneMix team for further information regarding product quantities.

One cubic metre (1m3) of 20kg product is equivalent to approximately 103 bags**.

  • 30kg bags
    30kg bags of HS-60 are unavailable at this point in time.

If a concrete with a lower compressive strength is all you require, please find more information on our OneMix Concrete.

* MPa is the metric unit for pressure or stress, a megapascal (MPa). The term is a common unit for compressive strength in concrete.

** Approximation only, when mixed in accordance with product guidelines. Please refer to the product data sheet.



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