OneMix says Thank you

| Yes, it’s a thank you post |

As you’re all probably aware by now (if not, welcome to our blog), OneMix has recently launched a new campaign, which is live online and in print. Yay!

My Preferred Choice: When it’s comes to drymix, there’s only one

We couldn’t have launched such a great campaign without a lot of background help from so many wonderful people and companies. So, if you’ll indulge me a minute, I’d like to run through what we actually did to get here and who helped us out along the way…

Day 1 – Photo shoot/ Post Mix Video

Thank you to Silkwood Homes who provided the site to use for our first photo shoot and the location for our Post Mix video. It was a massive task to accommodate us while we were trying to understand what we actually needed to achieve, so thank you for your time and help.

Day 2 – Photo Shoot

Thank you Prekaro Pty Ltd, for providing the site for our second photo shoot and JAM Group for our leading man. Sunstate Cement could have recruited experienced models for this campaign, however much like our product development, we decided to keep it real.

Real tradespeople, using real products! Check out our new tankers and tautliners which are currently driving around the Brisbane region, don’t be afraid to share the vehicles journey on Instagram and our Facebook page – if you see them, post them! The photos and videos from today’s shoot provided our marketing team with the base for our campaign, so again a huge thank you Prekaro Pty Ltd and JAM Group.

Day 3 – Photo Shoot/ Mortar & Paver Sand Videos

Day 3 certainly had lots of lights, cameras and action!! A massive day with a photo shoot and two how to videos to film. Thanks goes out to our wonderful talent from Queensland Glass, you’ll see him featured on one of our cement tankers and on our website too. We sincerely appreciate the time John dedicated to us to allow us to capture some great shots.To D.I.G, the business who makes a beautiful space look even better – Thank you for loaning us plants to garnish our Paver Sand video, it definitely improved the look of our final product.

Of course, neither of these videos would have happened if we didn’t have bricks or pavers to lay. So a huge thank you to Adbri Masonry providing us with such great products to use in each video, we really do appreciate it.

Day 4 – Rapid Set & Concrete Videos

Final day of filming and a big thank you goes out to Matthew from Gold Coast Prestige Lawn and Garden. Matthew was our talent and builder for both videos and generously donated his time to assist Sunstate with producing helpful videos for our new website. He did a wonderful job at presenting our OneMix Rapid Set and Concrete creating excellent how to videos for any DIY-er to easily follow. So thank you Matthew; the future star of garden renovation reality programs 🙂

­The above was a lot to read through, I know, but our campaign took a lot of time, effort and a lot of help from all of the above and so many more. Without each of these companies and individuals the My Preferred Choice campaign just wouldn’t be the same, so we definitely need to show our appreciation.

Finally, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, our last thank you goes out to Evolve Marketing who helped us to see our vision and bring it to life by organising all of the above.

That’s it from me for now, but check out the final products by taking a look through our website and Facebook page, we’re showcasing it all for everyone to see.

Stay tuned for more updates…