Our Earth Day campaign 2019

| Every pallet of OneMix Post Mix sold, we planted a tree for Earth Day |

Earth Day is an extremely important cause that is celebrated worldwide each year. It has an overall and ongoing aim to bring about positive environmental change. We at OneMix wanted to do our part.

The Sunstate Cement volunteer team - planting trees for Earth Day 2019

The volunteer team from OneMix and B4C – planting trees for Earth Day 2019

Throughout the month of April this year, we decided to run an Earth Day campaign. Every single pallet of our OneMix Post Mix sold that month, would mean a tree would be planted. We managed to reach 143 trees from our sales, with a further 57 donated by OneMix and Sunstate Cement. This brought our total up to an amazing 200 trees!

A huge thank-you has to go out to the wonderful team at the Bulimba Creek Catchment Co-ordinating Committee (B4C). They provided us with a site, the trees and the know-how for planting. The area we re-vegetated is the start of a native wildlife corridor, which is primarily for the rehabilitation of native wildlife in the area. B4C also plan on using the site for community education on the importance of native species.

The Sunstate Cement volunteer team - planting trees for Earth Day 2019

Volunteers from the sales and executive teams planting for Earth Day 2019.                                                          On the left, General Manager Rajeev R.

Sunstate Cement employees installing a wildlife nest pole using OneMix Rapid Set.

Michael (Sales Manager) & Tony (Sales Rep) using OneMix Rapid Set to install one of B4C’s wildlife nest poles.

On the 3rd of May, our team of 11 volunteers spent the morning planting 200 trees for Earth Day. Once finished, we were lucky enough to get some morning tea, a tour of the amazing grounds and even got to see some sugar gliders in a nest box check. Lastly,  a few team members also helped to install 2 of the 3 wildlife nest poles, using our OneMix Rapid Set, which will take up residence on the site.

All in all it was an amazing day in which we not only had a lot of fun, but also did our bit to help make a positive environmental difference.