Australia Day!

| Australia Day – the time of year where we celebrate how amazing and diverse our country and our people actually are |


Also…. the little things like music, beer and long weekends. Maybe even Vegemite … it is very important to appreciate the Aussie things in life, who doesn’t love that stuff!?But in all seriousness, Australia Day is an extremely important day in our culture. A day to celebrate what Australia is and how we got here. “We” being the country itself, its people with all our differences, Australian businesses and even individuals.

So, given that OneMix has grown as a part of Sunstate Cement Ltd, it seems only right that we celebrate Australia day as a wholly Australian owned and Queensland made business with real pride. OneMix is only a year old but Sunstate is well over 30 years old! Amazing to think that means for over 30 years we’ve been supplying high quality cement products across Queensland and northern New South Wales. I must say we’re pretty proud of that fact, but who wouldn’t be!

Now we’ve heard that this year it’s supposed to be a wet and rainy long weekend (really when is it actually ever sunny on Australia Day). But hey, neither OneMix nor any Australians truly seem to care if they get a bit wet, it actually makes for more fun and we’re all resilient in nature and can handle whatever the weather has to throw at us (OneMix because you know… its plastic..)! So, regardless of the rain, it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t still go out and celebrate with a nice cold beer and a game of backyard cricket at a mates’ place and just relax!

We at OneMix (and Sunstate Cement for that matter) would like to wish all of our customers, suppliers and friends a very safe, relaxing and most importantly, fun Australia Day this 2018! Get in on the Australian culture; it’s a great place to be!